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How Much Rhinoplasty Toronto By Dr. Oakley Smith Might Cost You

People go under the knife for all different reasons, but when we talk about cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty Toronto, it’s basically to look and feel better about themselves. If you’re someone who’s still pondering if you’re actually going through with the surgery, we highly recommend going in for a consultation at professional rhinoplasty surgeons like Dr. Oakley Smith.

Dr. Oakley Smith

Going for a consultation at Dr. Oakley Smith involves a thorough discussion about any present problems and the possible outcome that you’re expecting. What’s great about the consultation, especially if you’re not that creative, is that the doctor will sketch a possible outcome and go as far as use 3D vector imaging. There will be a photoshoot and while that’s going on, Dr. Oakley will compute an estimate of the overall cost from start to finish. The estimation comes with an outline of any and all details that have to be discussed. You’ll be given the opportunity to go over everything before finally scheduling the surgery once you’re certain that you want get a nose job. Remember, they are in no way pressuring you, rather they are encouraging you to take enough time in your decision making.

Usually, non-surgical injection rhinoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery aren’t covered by private health insurances. The primary costs begin at $11,400 but can quickly rise to $14,000 if the surgery involves any complexity. In case the rhinoplasty is actually a revision surgery, costs begin at $12,000 and can go up to $26,000 especially if cartilage grafts are involved. The cost for the procedure is also a matter of surgical time. On average, a rhinoplasty surgery takes 3 hours and may cost $11,400 but complex rebuilding of damaged noses that involve rib cartilage can last over 7 hours and cost $26,000 or more.