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Becoming A Registered Massage Therapist In Ontario

Regardless of the reason why you choose to become a registered massage therapist, becoming one is a fulfilling career with dozens of opportunities. For those situated in Ontario, the process of successfully becoming a registered massage therapist is quite straightforward. Of course if you’re located in a different state or area, the rules and procedure may be different.

First Step: College Program

Do some research and create a shortlist of schools that offer programs concerning massage therapy, asses which one of them is ideal for you. Apart from helping you learn more about massage therapy, it opens doors and networks with other professionals and mentors. A highly recommended option is the Canadian College of Massage and                 Hydrotherapy; they have established five campuses in Canada.

Second Step: Application

When you decide to apply for CCMH, take note of the three available start dates; January, May and September. Better prepare all the requirements and forms early on and whenever you get confused with the process, just ask their friendly admissions team. A ‘Student for a Day’ option is available where they’ll let you experience the life of a student under their program, for specified period.

Third Step: Get Involved and Study Hard

Traditional studying of notes and textbooks are a given, but CCMH also has a wide array of outreach programs that students sign up for when they want to gain actual experience. Students have offered a hand in community events, hospitals and sporting events to grasp what it’s like to work with members of the community.

Fourth Step: Get Certified

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario regulates professional massage therapists in their area. After earning your diploma, you have to gain another certification before you’re officially allowed to practice massage therapy. The college itself will be the one to administer the exams to ensure that everyone meets the proper service standard.