What Is A School Visitor Management System?

Today, in our modern society, the safety of the students has higher emphasis. That is the main reason why school visitor management software exists. This is much more unique and caters the features that you would find in an ordinary visitor management for corporate offices and much more.

There are other school visitor management systems that are specifically developed for school district and K-12 schools. This system offers a protected means for the staff of the school to match kids with their guardian or parent when they are signed out of school. There are a lot of features that you could get with this system. This includes instant notification delivery to guardians and parents, report staff and student activity, create visitor badges, and much more.

Though there are a lot of other software that doesn’t meet the necessary and strict requirements for the safety of the school, there are also some school visitor management software that provides certain safety and security features developed for school districts and schools.

Text Message Notification

This is an important feature. This will send automatically an SMS notification to guardians or parents when the student is signed out of the school.

Sex Offender Database (Compiled Nationally)

There is also this feature which conducts a look up for sex offender on-site from a sex offender database that is compiled nationally.

Track and Manage Custodial Rights

This is a feature that helps parents with custodial issues. It could track and manage the rights of authorized persons, guardians, and parents to sign out the student.

Red Flag Visitors

School Visitor Management Software also has a feature to red flag any bad visitors. This means that they are not allowed anymore to enter inside the school.

Digital Record

This feature records all the visitors of the school.