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Satisfy Your Partner Like Never Before

It’s a myth all over the world that only men derive pleasure from sex. Throughout most women fear that sex is more painful than pleasurable. Men on the other hand crave to indulge in sex mostly because the grip their penis gets during sex is amazing. Many people believe that vaginal sex better as compared to oral sex. Initial intercourse is difficult in the area as it’s difficult to penetrate the thick layers of skin surrounding it. Also, sex is considered to be painful, tricky and difficult to derive the pleasure of it for the first timers. However, after a few years women need more to get pleasure and that’s when you need to invest in the top rated penis extender.

Today people have a huge range of products that help couples indulge in sex and derive pleasure out of it. Like men, women too get turned on when their man loses control and gets wild. This is one major factor to hold on to while indulging in sex. A research revealed that 65 percent of men would prefer sex and would find it more pleasurable than oral sex. Keeping this in mind, women need to open up to treating their lovers to a little fun.

There are various techniques that allow you to enjoy painless sex and derive the pure pleasure of it. Experts suggest that sex can prove out to be one of the most enjoyable sexual acts between couples if done in a correct way. Today there are a lot of options available for people to enjoy painless sex. Before you insert into her hole you must finger her hole till she warms up, you can also make use of  lubricants which will make  sex enjoyable because the gel will help your penis enter easily, squeeze her to the extent that it gets her really high for going ahead with  sex. Foreplay, fingering and lubricants can really make way for pleasurable sex.