Types Of Car Insurance

As there are different types of car insurance, you will have to choose the right type and get the right type of coverage.

Liability Insurance

If you are involved in a car accident that has occurred due to your own fault or negligence, the liability insurance will help you to bear the repairing cost to repair your property or vehicle. This insurance will be able to bear damages to property as well as medical costs that may arise from injuries sustained. It will also help you to bear the enormous amount of money that you will have to pay in case of accidents.

Collision Coverage

In case of collisions, your car insurance will provide for the collision costs that are incurred, such as repairing costs of the car, caused by the collision. If your car is new and sophisticated, it is best to have this collision coverage included. But if your car is an old model, it will not be necessary. If you hit against any fixed object such as a lamp post or a telephone pole, you Collision Coverage will pay for damages

Comprehensive Coverage

Many times, cars get broken into or may get dented by hail storm; in such cases, Comprehensive Coverage covers damages of the car. Vandalism, fire, hail, flood, riots, and theft are covered through this.

Personal Injury Protection

This is also known as PIP. It helps to pay for a wide range of costs such as medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, funeral cost, work loss, replacement services, etc.

When taking a car Insurance, there are certain coverages that are made mandatory, but there are some extra options that can be expanded according to ones need. It depends on your budget, the amount of coverage that you would like and choose from the options of coverages available.