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Now You Will Not Need Another Chat App

Whatsapp is one of the leading chat apps that people all over the world use to communicate on a regular basis. The app is compactable with all android, iOS and Windows mobile phones and ever since Whatsapp launched, people have gotten addicted to it. While Whatsapp has been one of the most convenient ways to communicate with others, Whatsapp is something that will soon take over the market. If you haven’t already got the WhatsApp Messenger Download, it’s time to get into the app store and download the refined version of Whatsapp today. This app is a lot more fun to use in comparison to Whatsapp and it comes with more customization options as well as privacy settings.

The emoticons here are a lot better too and you can now pick from a large list of emoticons that you didn’t have access to on Whatsapp. Technology is constantly advancing and people always prefer to use modern software that provides them with better features. This is exactly what Whatsapp PLUS has to offer and this is why it is all set to take on the market and become the best app to chat with your friends and family. The brand new WhatsApp Messenger has a number of amazing features that are part of the 15x15project that make it better than the standard WhatsApp Messenger. Some of the features are:

  • Emoticons:

WhatsApp messenger is known for allowing people to express themselves through emoticons. These emoticons vary depending on the situation and there are different skin colors are well. The new WhatsApp plus Messenger offers many more emoticons and is said to be quite similar to the emoticons that are available on Google Hangouts.

  • Privacy:

One of the biggest concerns with the WhatsApp messenger is the privacy of the chats. WhatsApp has come up with various features such as hiding last seen and so on. However one thing that WhatsApp could not hide is the online status. With the new WhatsApp plus Messenger users can also hide whether they are online or not. This means that no one will know when a user is online and when he is not. The new WhatsApp Messenger also provides many privacy options that are not available on the WhatsApp messenger.