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Taking Screenshots On Windows 10 Is A Easy One

Taking screenshots is a basic knowledge about computers. From young to adults, everyone these days knows the basic. Learning computer is very interesting and the knowledge comes as a great help for lifetime. Learning how to take screenshot on windows 10 helps us saving any information we will lose in future. There are several ways and different sites that give information on different methods of screenshots on windows. Screenshots is not only for computer or laptop, it is also useful for windows tablets. On windows 10, press Windows + Shift + S to capture the screenshot and copy it on clipboard.

After you do this there will be a cursor and the screen will get dimmed.  You can draw the portion of the page you want to capture and release the mouse cursor. The screenshot will get save to the clipboard. You can use photo editing or paint and paste the screenshot there. You can do any editing and marking on the screenshot and save it accordingly.  As you see, there are many different ways to take and save screenshots on your computer using internet or wifi. The simple features of screenshots are automatically stored on your computer or laptop. So you do not have to install them again.

Learning to take screenshot is very easy. You do not have to go to a computer class or library to study about it. You can check about this on internet. This world has becomes very fast with Windows 10. And windows are definitely working to make it more useful and dynamic to use. You can even teach this to your kids at home. Schools and colleges have computer knowledge as a must in their daily routine. If you are still not aware of basic knowledge then start right away.  Every knowledge is needed to compete with today’s world.