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Atomware: We Simply Do It Better

If you’re based in Singapore and are looking for an iphone fix Singapore you can trust for your needs, then one of the repair service providers which have been making a name for themselves for how good they are when it comes to repair is AtomWare. They have been in the business since 2007, and have been doing so with the best expertise, care, and integrity as possible in repairing not just Apple devices, but also other brands like Sony, Samsung and LG. They are a shop that promises no monkey business, and makes it a point to give only the best services to its clients. What has made them stand out for the past 10 years? Let’s find out below.

They’re “Good Guys”

Indeed, they are A-Star Retailers and have been ranked that way since they were in business. This means that they have consistently bee having a A-Star Retailer endorsement in every year that they have been repairing phones for customers. This alone says a lot of how good their business actually is.

No Repair Obligations

They don’t just make sure that their customer’s phone gets repaired, but they also make it a point to not let their money go to waste. They are not obliging customers to have their phones repaired, most especially if the cost will not be worth it. Also, if they can’t solve the problem, they will be willing to give your money back.

Top-Notch Expertise and Skills

All of the elements of the phone will be placed where it should be. No sloppy soldering jobs which is the most common disadvantage of some cheap-end shops, and all other things associated with aesthetics, from the dents to the bends are all removed to make sure that the phone is beautiful inside and out.