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Difference between the types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are the necessary thing for the domestic purpose, and it is the good home appliance for cleaning the house. There are varieties of gadgets available in the market to clean the home. You can pick any of the best vacuums in 2018 to make your job easy. No one has enough time to spend on the cleaning, so that is why these cleaners are the best thing to make your job easy.


It is up to you that what kind of vacuum you want to purchase. For buying any of the vacuum cleaners find out that what are the advantages and disadvantages of the gadgets.


  • Upright

Upright is the cleaner which is made for those who have a bending problem or any of the `problems in the back.

  • Pros- It is good for covering large areas and easily moves downwards to the furniture.
  • Cons- It is harder to use on the stairs and in tight spaces.
  • Cylindrical

It is compact and better for working under the furniture also.

  • Pros- Its wire is long enough to make it move all around.
  • Cons- It is hard to clean the thick carpets with the help of it.
  • Bagged cleaners

These are the gadget which comes with the dust bag in which the dust gets accumulated.

  • Pros- can store the good amount of dust in it.
  • Cons- It needs replacement of the bag.
  • Bag less cleaners

This equipment has come without the bag.

  • Pros- there is no need to buy the replacement bags, it cost expensive also.
  • Cons- It does not have the good amount of dust storing capacity, so you need to change it frequently.

Hope that now you will understand the difference between vacuum cleaners and will choose the best vacuums in 2018 for your needs and will take out the best use of it.