You Will Find Your Partner In No Time

At the beginning of your relationship through a dating app, you and your partner both may have taken efforts to indulge in what the other thought was fun. However, if your list of fun and your partner’s list of fun are completely different now and neither of you make an effort to do what the other wants, your relationship may just be in a pretty problematic place. If you’re unable to do things together and you no longer do anything fun with your partner, you need to come to terms with the fact that your relationship is failing.

You’re Constantly Having Awful Fights And Disagreements

Do you find that you and your partner are constantly at each other’s necks? Are you both having the same fights and arguments over and over again without any kind of resolve? Is there verbal or physical abuse of any kind in your relationship? If any or all of these questions have been answered to with a yes, then that’s a red signal right there. An occasional fight or disagreement in every relationship is healthy. However, if you find that you’re constantly at war with each other, your relationship is sinking.

Getting Emotional Support From Other People

Maybe at some point in time during the course of your relationship, you completely depended on your partner for emotional support. However, if now neither of you get that emotional support that you need from each other and you’re both going outside and to other people for emotional support, your relationship is coming to an end or it’s failing miserably. In order for a relationship to work well, you and your partner need to be each other’s strength. If you can’t rely on each other for support, then you may as well not be together.