A Complete Guide Of Old School Runescape

Old School RuneScape is a role playing game, which is grabbing the attention of a number of game lovers. This multiplayer game is available for several platforms such as IOS, Android, Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows. The developer and publisher of osrs is Jagex and such game has become the first preference of many people.

Benefits of becoming the subscriber

While the game is free to play, but if you become a subscriber, then you are able to take a plethora of advantages. Further, few beneficial aspects are mentioned for the subscriber.

  • Some extra bank account slots
  • Able to load more quests
  • Few additional skills
  • Three times larger world’s map

 What is the gameplay of OSRS?

The concept of playing the game is too simple. The player is supposed to control the single character, and he/she can also interact with entities, objects, and NPCs. For this, they can either left click or choose one option from the menu of the object’s right click. Every input machine is point and click, so it is easy to access the features and objects.

Important rules

There are many rules in the game and players have to follow these rules. If a player does any of prohibited things, then his/her account will be banned or suspended from the game. Here are some things, which should not be done by any game player

  • Asking for the personal contact details
  • The use of third party macroing software
  • Misleading the other players in order to steal their wealth
  • Asking for passwords to other players

Moving further, there are many more situations in which the gaming account can be banned. So, if you want to enjoy and play in a proper manner then always keep in mind such rules.