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Types Of Tonneau Covers

Choosing the right truck bed or tonneau cover for your pick-up truck or car requires you to consider a lot of things. Primarily though, one of the things that you have to consider is what you would be using it for. With that said, the best Tonneau Covers are simply those that suits your needs. In choosing one, there are a lot of different types and hence picking the right one is tricky. What are the different types of covers that you can use for your tonneau in terms of the materials from which they are made? Let’s find out below!

Hard Folding Covers

If security and protection is your priority, then this is great as hard-shells for this cover type can support up to 400 pounds in their best quality. There also are tri-fold types for this one, and is great if you want to reveal a part of your truck bed every now and then.


Owning a Kayak or Bike may require you a rack for you to properly transport it. This is the most costly, considering that it’s made of more materials, tougher ones, that is. This type of truck allows for more reinforcement when you want to carry loads that are heavy or shaped in an irregular manner.

Retractable Covers

This cover lets you open the back part of your truck as you would any window shutter, as it moves in a back-and-forth manner. There are electric and manual options for you to choose from, and installation may be rather tedious, as the slabs are placed in sequence, next to each other. The protection that it offers makes it worth it, however.

Soft Covers

These materials are cloth-like, and hence can be easily closed and opened through rolling up of the said material. Out of all types, this is the quickest for you to install.