Touch Canadian Borders With Chicago Motor Coach

Seattle is one of the largest cities in America. This coastal city has some of the most beautiful places one could visit and if need a break from your hectic life, then you need to get some serious planning done on taking a Seattle bus tour. You might have to set aside at least a week to get the chicago motor coach bus tours to enjoy a long holiday around the Canadian Borders.

If greenery is your thing, then the first stop most Chicago motor coach halt at would leave you breathless. The Butchart Gardens which is situated near Victoria on Vancouver Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations and its one for a reason. This garden is no ordinary garden and is a National historic site in Canada.

If you’re missing some adventure then the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge will fill in that space. One of Lynn Valley’s secret, this bridge is 50 meters in height and covers most of the beautiful Canyon. A walk down this bridge can help you cover waterfalls, plants and some of the most beautiful sites you can imagine. You could also get a chance to visit the Harbour Water Airport, which is a unique airport. Spot some of the best wildlife such as moose, mule deer, white tailed deer, mountain goats, grizzly bears and grey wolves at the Jasper National Park which is one of the largest national preservation parks in the Canadian Rockies. The Jasper National Park is vast and you could spend an entire day checking out some spectacular wildlife here. Get your kids here and let them learn more about wildlife, while they enjoy themselves.

Glacier National Park is another hot spot that the Chicago motor coach could take you to, this national park is famous for the mountain goat that’s spotted only in a few national parks. This national park is rare and different from any other national park you might have visited since it’s situated between two mountain ranges. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the Ice fields then check out for the Columbia Ice field while on the bus tour. This ice field has a number of glaciers you can lay eyes on and enjoy some nostalgic views you can imagine.