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Why Buy Treasure At Tampines Condo Unit


A distinctive residential condominium complex at Tampines Street 11, Singapore District 18, Treasure at Tampines is a distinct property to behold. It is an exceptionally stunning property where all the needs and wants in life can be right within arm’s reach. It is located at the prime location of Tampines and it is also formerly known as Tampines Court. you can check site for its location .

This humongous property was brought by Sim Lian Group Limited from the HUDC or the Housing and Urban Development Company on August 2017 with a whopping amount of $970 million. The condominium complex is projected to be finished in 2027 and will have approximately 2225 condo units and car park lots.


There are many reasons why Treasure at Tampines is the condo unit for you. First of all, it is being developed by a reputable developer with an outstanding track record. Then, it has an enormous land area with chances of development in the near future. Also, with its calm and relaxing environment, you will certainly forget that you are in a city. It also has a good mix of units. It offers one-bedroom to five-bedroom units and penthouse. It is just fair to say that most likely the condo will have state of the art facilities considering the team behind the development. More so, it is very accessible because it is connected to major expressways.

In addition, there are three shopping malls and retail warehouses are within the vicinity, making it living conveniently. Also, even if it is a commercial and industrial area of the city, it still has scenic views and greenery landscape. Likewise, one major point of the complex is that it is in a mature neighborhood. Meaning, the trees are big, the amenities are near, transportation systems are established and there is a strong community league.

So, if you are looking for a home where city life is just around the corner and a spacious house suitable to the fast-paced urban jungle, you might as well consider Treasure at Tampines condo.