Block City Wars- The 7 Most Amazing Things To Know!

Battle games have always been our favorite! And when it comes to high graphics and extraordinary plot, how can we even forget about Block City Wars? Well, there are so many things that we fall in love with, but there are only a few that stay forever. The amusement, thrill, craziness, and twists in this game bring the exact same feeling for us. The streets here have no rules and shooting is everywhere around you! But what are those few things that one can never forget about this game? Here we have got it all covered for you! Just read further and click here for more info.

  1. Dealing with the mafia bosses and accomplishing the given tasks by them, is definitely the most amazing thing, to begin with. Escaping from the police, driving great cars to add up to the fun.
  2. The game gives you enough liberty to be the bad guy or the hero. It’s you who have got to decide and jump in with all the enthusiasm and craziness.
  3. This is one of those very few games where you get 13 incredible modes including Free PVP Fight, Team Deathmatch, Tank Battles, along with a zombie mode and lot more.
  4. The game also features a huge megalopolis with immensely high skyscrapers that give you enough liberty to do whatsoever you wish to do.
  5. The best part that we personally love about the game is that it allows you to try out more than 50 transport choices including jet packs, military helicopters, tanks and so much more.
  6. You can actually export so many awesome skins from the game and can instantly change your appeal.
  7. And of course, with weapons like Ak47, sniper rifle, katana, RPG and minigun your game becomes the best entertainment package.

So, start playing Block City Wars today and click here for more info.