Have An Seo Friendly Homepage In No Time With These Handy Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important these days to draw attention to your websites or web pages. No matter what quality of content you produce if your page is not SEO friendly people will most probably not even get to have a look at it. Here are a few tips you can try out to make your website homepage user-friendly.

  • Focus on the Ad Words which could attract the attention of search engines depending on the content of your website. Try to include these words into the title and subtitles of your homepage content.
  • Have a mobile-friendly site. This is probably the most important SEO tip that anyone and everyone will give you.
  • If you cannot manage the SEO of all search engines then try first to focus on Google. Google owns about 85 % of the total traffic and thus SEO for Google is the most important thing.
  • Look for low competition keywords which exist on popular sites like Quora. You can do this from a site called Site Explorer and then search for keywords related to your domain. It is easier to gain hits from low competition keywords.
  • Create graphics contents and good images for your page. But do not forget to check that if someone is using your images make sure they have linked you on their page. This helps to draw traffic directly from their page.
  • Create statistical links and include case studies on your page. This helps to give views an idea about the existence of the facts you have put up on your website.

These tips could change the traffic on your website to a huge extent so why not try these out. These may look like very simple SEO tips but that’s how search engines work.