10 Creative Ways To Reuse Corrugated Boxes – Ecoenclose Blog

There are many uses of a corrugated box. Basically, the corrugated box supplier makes it for the shipping purpose. It has to be made to withstand wear and tear and at any cost protect what is inside it. These are even used when fragile objects have to be shipped. It is strong enough that even if you place these, one below the other. it is hence used to store things in the warehouse. There are many different types of corrugated boxes and they are made to serve different purposes.

10 creative ideas to use the corrugated box

  • Used for packing and moving

We cannot always look for bags to pack up. These can be used to pack and move things like books and vessels. This depends on the weight capacity of the box.

  • Laundry basket

You can use it to put clothes for a wash. It is very easy to carry it to the washing machine.

  • Use as a fire starter

This can be used as fire logs in your fireplace. It has to be soaked in water to make in liable and then rolled very tight and tied in the end with hemp twine. It should be done one at a time.

  • Shoe rack

Placing these boxes properly in an arranged manner can make it a shoe rack.

  • Jewellery, socks box

You can place your jewellery in small boxes and socks and other cosmetics too. It will help you organize your shelf.

  • Making gifts

It is very easy to make designs on these boxes. You can easily make greeting cards and other handmade craft gifts for your friends and loved ones.

  • Photo frames

These can be cut in the required sizes, stuck together and made into a photo frame and hung or placed wherever you want to.

  • Memory boxes

Almost all of us have small things that bring us to a lot of memories. We can put them in a very organized way using these boxes.

  • For costumes

It can be used to make caps or other things to make a perfect Halloween

  • Pet house

Cutting out the small entrance and gaps for entry and exit can make it a perfect house or a kennel for the cat or the dog.

There are many other ways by which you can use a corrugated box and these are only a few of them.