Play the Game, But Never be Played by the Game, Know the Difference.

Gamer, that’s how you call a person who plays the video game seriously. Whether it is a mobile or PC game, he is serious with his craft. We may call addiction if the gamer loses time for himself. He no longer eats or sleeps and is on the risk of losing his health more than he loses in the game.

How Would You Know if Someone is a Game Addict?

There are certain ways in which you can determine his game addiction. Perhaps, you may look at some of the visible signs of game addiction. Seeing this sign as evident to any of your loved one, you may be prompted to call his attention.

Signs Someone is a Game Addict

  • He spends all day and night playing. He never stops. He is almost 24/7 focus on his game.
  • He never sleeps
  • He forgets to eat
  • He forgets to take a bath
  • He never talks to anyone

This signs and symptoms are similar to a drug addict. Well, yes it is. The only difference is that there are no drugs involved.

When a person is too engaged with his togel online activities, he tends to forget himself. Before he notices it, his health is already compromised. After several days of not getting enough sleep, a gamer can have serious heart failure.

All the symptoms are considered deadly. What nutrients will your body gets if you do not eat properly? Proper hygiene which is expected to all people is often neglected too.

So, you want to play video games? Well, do it the right way. Anything should be done in moderation. Never ever forget yourself whenever you play games. You should be the one controlling your games and the other way around.

Game addiction happens when the game gained control over the player. Love Yourself.