Will Online Gaming Take Ever Take Their Queer Players Seriously?

The world is now surrounded by many digital devices. People are using different appliances and machines just to ease up their life and save a lot of time. After the invention of video games in around 1950s, the craze of playing it only saw an upward trend. Nowadays, there are games which are present in the market most of them use the internet and can be played over an online platform. This is why there is a diversity in the types of people who join up in playing these games.

Will Queer Players Be Taken Seriously?

LGTBQ or the homosexual people or the transgenders have to go through a lot of social pressure in society. Not all have the capability to accept them as they are. This is why they often get bad words and neglected from society. The same thing occurs over the online gaming platforms as well. When a person is creating an ID over these sites the gender bar only displays two option. Either a person can be male or a female there is no single gaming which says you can be transgender and be proud of it. No! This is not what the developers want to happen.

The queer players have to go through much bad wording while playing the online game as well. Because the game features the people of the same society which does not have the guts to accept their individuality. Be it online poker games like PokerQQ or any other game the community is not able to accept these people. But its high time now. The online game developers are now working rapidly in banning those accounts who abuses the queer players.

This world is the same for all. Each of them has the right to live. This is why its high time that one should accept these people and live in peace and harmony.