Some Info Apps For Pokemon Go

Given the popularity of Pokemon Go, indeed, it has taken the world of virtual gaming by storm. It has managed to win the hearts and interest of so many players, especially those who have been loyal to the brand for years. One testament to the success and popularity of the game is the fact that there are Steem It blogs that are dedicated to talking about it. There even are Apps that are also dedicated to talking about what you really need for Pokemon Go and the whole venture to be successful. This article will look into some info apps that will make the game much more fun for the players.

Poke Genie

This IV Calculator will allow you to know the IV combinations of your pokemon, and in the process allow you to know how much of candies and stardust you should be investing in. You do have to set your trainer level, however, and then you activate the app which works by placing an overlay effect in order to take a screenshot. Scans will be saved to help check on the progress, and you can also filter the results using CP, IVs, and dates. Indeed, the app is really popular and is the best form of help available for Pokemon trainers.

Dex for Pokedex

Just like Go Companion, as well as the Pokedex, this app allows you to know more about all the pokemon species out there. It does make the act of finding a Pokemon of choice even easier, as you can sort it through name, moves, and abilities. Each of these Pokemon can be generated and then added to the ones that you like, you can also make a separate list for the ones you have captured, forming some sort of to-catch list for your Pokemon.