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Natural Weed-Killers You Can Find And Make At Home

If you’re a homeowner and has a lawn and garden in your home, chances are you had dealt with stubborn, unwanted plants growing over your precious soil. There are a number of ways to go about in dealing with these pesky weeds. You can try weeding them out manually with hands and a small garden shovel, but it can be exhausting if you need to do this every day.

Another way is to use commercially available herbicides which you can easily find in most garden stores. These are effective in killing weeds but is harmful to people if not used carefully. If you want to deal with pesky weeds effectively and without the risk of toxicity, here are a few homemade herbicide recipes that are natural and safe you can use.

  • Home-made weed killer recipe

Try using a combination of vinegar (1 gallon), rock salt (1 cup) and dishwashing soap (1 tablespoon). Spray the solution over weed-overgrown areas of your lawn to kill them off effectively. Be careful with this solution though as it does not distinguish between unwanted weeds and precious plants. It will kill off all greens that it gets in contact with.

  • Boiling water

Pour over a pot of boiling-hot water on these weeds to slowly but effectively kill them off. One pour might not be enough though and you will have to repeat this for a couple of times to fully kill them. You can try adding table salt to increase the hot water’s effectivity.

  • Landscape fabric with mulch

Lay over landscape fabric on areas where most weeds grow out to block sunlight. This will effectively deprive them of sunlight nourishment which will eventually kill them off. Not to worry though as these fabrics are porous enough to let air and water through for your plant’s nourishment. Add a mulch over the fabric for more sunlight-blocking effect.