3 Fast And Simple Ways Of Making A Timeline Template

Making the perfect timeline template for a project can be a tricky task. However, if one knows the right way and order in which things need to be done,making it can be simple and fast. They can be made using a number of applications and do not require much skill. One just needs to follow a few easy steps in order to understand how to present data in such a manner. Some of the methods by which they can be made are:

Making a timeline template using MS Word

The process can be difficult and take time but it is worth it. By using MS Word, a few steps need to be followed which are:

  • Change page orientation to Landscape from Portrait through the Layout tab.
  • Click on Insert tab and then select SmartArt through the Illustrations category.
  • Choose Process in SmartArt window and use the desired template.
  • Enter the data and customize the timeline template by adding colours and text with various font styles.

Making a timeline template using PowerPoint

Using PowerPoint for this task is very simple as it does not require much manual work. It is time efficient as well.

  • Open SmartArt from the illustrations category on insert tab
  • Choose the process and double- click on desired layout,
  • Enter the text

Making a timeline template online

Using online methods can not only be very fast but also ensure that it is presentable enough for the work. It can be made within just a few minutes and eliminates the need to do manual work.

Timeline templates not only make things look more organized and neat but also help to make the document easy to understand. They can be used for multiple purposes, ranging from business timelines templates to even event timeline templates.