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Which Bosch Angle Grinder Is For You

What is an angle grinder used for, one might ask. These powerful tools are a handyman’s and hobbyist’s best friend. Not only are they powerful, but they’re quite convenient to use with how manageable they are. They can cut, grind, polish and saw off materials to your liking at the easiest way possible. Angle grinders make work efficient enough so that no time is wasted.

One of the big names in the angle grinder machinery is Bosch. They carry a number of models of these powerful tools. All are just as useful as the other. But below are 3 Bosch angle grinders reviewed for you to compare which ones are suitable for you:


One of the best things about the GWS18V-45CN that’s worth pointing out is the vibration control that gives users comfort when using this angle grinder. It also has a KickBack Control feature that deals with sudden reactions from using this grinder such as powering off when dropping the tool, and a restart protection that prevents starting up accidentally. There’s also a soft-start technology so you can ease into cutting. It should be noted that the wheel guard is burst resistant too.

Angle grinders can also just be as hi-tech as your mobile phone. The GWS 18V-45CN has an optional Bluetooth connection module that allows user control via the Bosch Toolbox app on your smart phone.


This handy grinder can be a powerful tool in the workforce. It has an 11,000 no-load RPM produced by a 6.0 Amp motor. It’s a compact grinder but is ideal for vehicle fabricators, concrete contractors and other machinery jobs. The grip is a huge comfort for many since it is well-designed. The 1375A is best used in pipe fittings, concrete restoration and the like.


With a weight of 4.4lbs, this angle grinder makes cutting and grinding easy to handle. The lock-on slide switch can be adjusted to allow users to work the angle grinder in different working angles. It also has a direct-motor cooling, epoxy-coated field windings and double sealed bearings. It’s an ideal tool for light to heavy workload.

So there you have it. 3 Bosch angle grinders that is just as amazing as the next one. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know.