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Reasons Why Hoover Freedom Fd22g Vacuum Cleaner Is Still Worth Buying

Hoover is one of the best brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners. They produced a handful of units from time-to-time and it delivers the job really good. The hoover freedom fd22g is one of their old models in 2017 and was regarded as their budget vacuum cleaner model. This model despite being old can still perform better than some of the latest budget vacuum cleaners out there. So why does the hoover freedom fd22g still noteworthy to buy especially when you are in the budget? Let’s find out.

It is budget friendly

This specific model is really budget friendly compared to a lot of cleaners. Despite it being budget friendly it has a handful of detail tools included and can pack a punch when it comes to cleaning. It performs well on carpet cleaning and cleaning hard-to-reach edges. This model might have some issues on cleaning with pet hair because it can be easily clogged when there is a lot you need to clean off. Its build is also quite average compared to other cleaners but considering this is a budget model this is still the best one you can find.

It has a good run-time than other budget models

It has a removable battery and can be used up to 25 minutes. While this might look shorter than the highly expensive ones it is one of the longest run-times you can find compared to other budget vacuum cleaners. The battery pack is made of lithium which means charging it even if the battery is still half full won’t affect the health of the battery. It also has a feature that is called “smart charge” wherein you can just leave it charging even if the battery is full and it won’t affect the main product.

There might be issues on the build quality of this model and its average power, it is still affordable and it can do the job quite well. Our verdict, it is the best cordless vacuum cleaner you can buy at a low price.