Is The Vape Industry Fizzling Out?

At its onset, the vape industry was the most exciting thing that ever happened to the cigarette business. Not only that it’s proven chic among the young people, but it was also deemed to be safe. So it exploded worldwide, and you see many people smoking in vapes. You can’t go to any place without spotting someone puffing away. There were even videos uploaded via YouTube about youths smoking vape while creating artistic smoke clouds. So after a few years why is it that it seemed to fizzle out? There are still vapor juice online that anyone can purchase through credit or debit cards, but the enthusiasm has decelerated. Why is this so?

Many issues popped up regarding the industry. It is easy to understand why this happened. First of all, we hear these current issues from news outlets declaring the hazards of vapor smoking. Thus, this can range from many things. But there are two primary reasons why all of a sudden people have seconds thoughts buying a vape.


Recent news about a vape exploding in the face of a customer creates a media frenzy. And this was from a battery problem that caused the short circuit, and so the whole thing sparked. Another issue is that there are now poorly made vape products and vape juice out there. Thus, this created a lot of worries in the minds of the customers, which stops them from buying a vape.

Vapor Juice Hazard To Kids

It looks like the latest issue came from the packaging of vape juice. The E-cig became a significant poison hazard to kids. And this is why families are taking action, making sure to get rid of any vape products in their household. For further details check out this link.


The vape industry is on a standstill. Is it fizzling out? It could be. But time will tell.