Looking For Good Basketball Workouts, You Are At The Right Place

Basketball is a physically demanding sports, one should to be at his peak physical condition and physical performance in order to be proficient in this game. So, here are some light workouts that one should follow in order to be at that “peak”.

Warm-up workouts before playing a game

  • Light Jogging while dribblingLight jogging while dribbling the ball will increase your heartbeat and heat your body up. 
  • Side shuffling – Quickly jumping sideways is a great way to lubricate one’s joints.

  • Perform static plank –Performing static plank will tense the muscles of the player, reducing the risk of any injury on the court
  • Playing catch – A good technique for adjusting one’s hand grip on the ball.
  • Push-ups – Performing push-ups will warm up the muscles of the upper part of your body
  • Wall passing workout – A player should throw the ball at a wall and then catch the rebounded ball, doing this multiple times will “open up” one’s wrists 

Muscles to focus on and workouts to improve them –

For a basketball player the muscles he should focus onTriceps In order to strengthen one’s biceps one should perform seated dumbbell press, V-Bar pushdowns, dumbbell kickback and standing overhead weight bar. To get great forearms for which you can do Plate curs, pinch plate carry, dumbbell rows and using grip crushers. For the best biceps it is suggested that one should do Dumbbell biceps curl, regular grip bicep curl, inclined dumbbell hammer curl and wide-grip standing barbell curl. It is said that one’s shoulders should also look good and for that there is barbell overhead press, standing dumbbell fly, face pull and high pull. To get a great chest Flat dumbbell bench press, dumbbell chest fly and declined push up can help you in the best ways.

All exercises are to be performed in 3 or 4 sets of 30, 20 and 10 repetitions with 2.5kg or 5kg increment in weight after each set.

These workouts will ensure that one has enough muscle strength for making a good pass and if he ever feels stressed, there are always online games like togel Singapore to wash his stress away.