Here’s How You Can Beat the New Super Mario Brothers

No matter how many cool online games like Togel Singapore and Pokémon Go we get, no video game can replace the childhood nostalgia linked with Super Mario Brothers. However, the classic Mario has gone through various transformations through these years, and the new Super Mario Brothers is quite a tough game to win.

What is Super Mario Brothers?

New Super Mario Brothers is the subseries of Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise. It is a platform game with 2-dimensional side-scrolling. New Super Mario Bros. takes us through the journey of Mario as he battles with Bowser’s henchmen for rescuing Princess Peach.

Tips to Win Super Mario Brothers:

Here are some tips and tricks that can make you beat the new Mario Brothers:

• Once clearing the initial levels, you’d notice that you cannot go to World 4 and 7. There’s a secret way of getting into those worlds. For World 4, win over the World 2 boss in the mini Mario avatar. This is hard as mini Mario dies the moment he gets hit. For World 7, defeat the boss of World 5 as mini Mario. World 4 cannon can also be used for getting into World 7.
• If you make it to the last and the ultimate World 8, you will face Bowser and his son, Bowser Junior. Getting a mega mushroom that would turn you into a Mario giant is the best way of defeating the duo.
• As we all know; the castle of the last World 8 is the hardest. It’s very dangerous and confusing. Nonetheless, many online guides can help you throughout your journey to the castle and in the game.