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Pro Tips to “Reset” Thyroid Gland to Lose Weight Fast

Your thyroid glands are responsible for the regulation of your metabolism. When they fail to produce enough thyroid hormones your metabolism rate gets slower and you end up with the undesired “few extra pounds”. When you have Hypothyroidism, losing weight may be tough, especially for women, but it is not impossible.

Here are some pro tips that will help you to reset your thyroid glands helping you to lose weight faster and make the process easier.

  • Diagnosis

You could possibly experience symptoms of Hypothyroidism like feeling fatigued, gaining weight etc, -but do not jump into conclusion without proper diagonis. You will have to visit a doctor to get a blood test done. The blood test will determine your Thyroid hormone Levels.

  • Medication

The medication process of Hypothyroidism is pretty basic. The doctor will prescribe you medicines which are supposed to replace the hormone which was supposed to be created by you thyroid glands.

  • Exercising

Just because you are taking your medication religiously do not expect a major transformation on your weight overnight. You might feel changes but in order to lose weight, you must exercise regularly. Muscles burn much more calories compared to fat. You need to do exercise which will build up your strength. Upper body, lower body and your core strength are the major muscle groups which you should focus on.

Cardio is another basic workout that is equally important for weight loss. Any activity which pumps up your heartbeat rate and causes you to sweat are considered as cardio exercises. You could even run or jog or walk for cardio exercises. For more information on the kinds of exercises you could do, you can view website available online on exercises and training.

  • Protein Diet

In order to build your muscles you have to increase your intake of protein as well. Your diet should consist more of protein and fresh healthy vegetables.