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Dangers Of Reusing Your Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Are you planning to get daily contact lenses this time? It could be the regular ones or the cool coloured contact lenses online. That’s great- but do not ever plan to reuse your daily disposable lenses as the outcome could be dangerous. As per doctors and opticians, daily lenses should be used for one day only. After one day of use, the lens surface usually breaks down, making way for debris and dirt to get trapped in the cracks. Reusing them could abet discomfort, dryness and even more serious issues like eye infection. The post below offers a brief on the harmful effects of reusing daily disposable contact lenses.

Bacteria infection

The basic thing to know here is that these daily disposable options are not exactly designed for multiple handling. So, a reuse abets risks of bacteria infestation inside the lenses which could lead to severe eye infection.

It’s to stress here, bacterial build-up on lenses could cause permanent scar on your cornea. Worse, it can distort vision more compared to what it was previously. And this allergic reaction could be permanent and serious to the point that you would be barred from wearing lenses forever. Why risk your vision when you can get new disposable contact lenses for each day. If new lenses every day are too much for your budget, you should rather invest in a stylish glass and wear daily lenses sparingly.

Blocks oxygen flow

Daily disposable lenses are made from soft materials so that they are easy on your eye. But you should also know that these soft lens materials are not strong enough to prevent buildups. And protein build-ups are unavoidable when you reuse a daily disposable contact lens. Now, this is dangerous. Why? Well, protein build-up here will block a smooth flow of oxygen to the eye- which will result in infection and irritation.

It’s to note here, daily disposable lenses tend to have biofilm after one day of use. It can’t be seen and reduces the flow of oxygen to eye. You will end up with severe inflammation and prolonged inflammation could make you develop lens-related optical diseases. In fact, you may even lose complete tolerance to lenses. End of the day, you just don’t want to be left with corneal inflammation.

Corneal ulcers

For those new to the field, daily disposable lenses can’t be stored or cleaned in regular lens clean-up solutions. So, don’t you ever encourage the idea to reuse it after a wash. If you reuse your daily disposable lens after cleaning it in regular cleaning solutions (for lenses), you could develop pesky problems like corneal ulcers.

Extreme dryness

If you reuse your disposable contact lens after a day of wearing it, you may encounter severe dryness in your eyes. No wonder, dryness is extremely irritating and discomforting. Worse, dryness in eye could lead to even bigger problems. If you experience persistent dryness for a prolonged period, you could end up with mis-shaped eyeballs.

Be mindful while using your daily disposable contact lenses.