What Is The Cost Of Having A Virtual Data Room?

Sharing of files and data is an integral part of business and trading. The sharing data gets bigger as the companies and businesses flourish. The larger the amount of data, the more difficult it becomes to store it and keep it safe and secure. VDRs provides a fantastic solution to this problem by allowing the users to store massive files containing essential data and pushes some burden off the shoulders of the owners to keep the data secure. Data rooms also help to organize data and folders which help to sign deals with other parties as all the information is kept well maintained and organized. You can also see some data room review online to select a suitable data room.

The different structure involved in data room pricing

Per page

Many data room providers work based on per page and charge accordingly. Their charges usually hover around 0.40$ to 0.85$ for per page. This is a good pricing structure for small enterprises, who have smaller projects, but as the projects expand, this structure gets most costly and becomes inefficient.


Some service providers offer limited licenses to the users and charge extra fees for each additional license for any user. The limit and price is set by the provider and may vary according to the provider. The most common price range of this structure is between 100$ and 250$ per user. It is an essential factor to consider before selecting the virtual data room that how many users it allows without any extra fee.

Storage capacity

This is the most crucial factor. The data rooms are used for storing the data and information. Storing is the most important use of the data rooms, so it is vital to consider data room storage. Some provider allows some GB’s of data and set a limit; if data exceeds that limit, some extra charges may be applied. So, storage size also affects the cost of the data rooms.