While hiking may be a fun way to relax and escape the busy city life, it doesn’t mean one can easily just go to a hike spontaneously. Ample time for preparation must be allotted in order to ensure safety during a hike. Part of the preparation is packing up for a hike, especially those that will last for more than a day. Given the limited amount of space and restrictions in weight tolerance, one must carefully plan the things to put in a backpack before hiking.

Here are some tips you can go over to help you pack a backpack for a multiday hike:

Proper hiking outfit

Multiday hikes would require a proper outfit for safety purposes. Make sure you pack appropriate layers of clothing to combat the frigid weather or scorching heat, wherever your destination may be. Having the appropriate clothing in your backpack ensures you will be able to withstand and survive the hike. Having the proper hiking shoes and boots will also help make the multiday hiking experience easier and more bearable.

Light source

Having a dependable light source is a must if you plan on staying outdoors for more than a day. Bring your best rechargeable headlamp for work to illuminate dark surroundings during the night. This will help repel dangerous creatures during the night while helping you navigate through the night. First aid kit

Being outdoors for a couple of days make you vulnerable to various dangers and risks. Always have a complete first aid kit in your bag to be prepared should anything happen. This may include basic medications such as anti-histamines and analgesics, gauze sponges, wound cleaning solutions and antisepctics.

Navigation tools

Always bring navigation tools such as compass and maps to help you find your way through multiday hikes. While smartphones have compass capabilities, it’s best to conserve your phone’s battery for emergency purposes. It’s important to have basic navigation tools, and have the knowledge to use them, during multiday hikes.