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Can Sports Teams Share Marketing Data With Sponsors?

The marketing database of a sports club is no less than an asset. And it’s not only treasured by the club but can also benefit the sponsors of the club. And this is where the question comes -“can your team share its marketing data with your sponsors?” Well, in one word, the answer is “yes”.

But, yes, before you share that significant database with your sponsor, you should be aware of the obligation to protect your club’s data. Put simply, you have to know beforehand what the sponsors are going to do with the database.

Your sponsors would ask for the database for:

  • Sponsor needs to cross-reference its own marketing database with that of the club before launching the club-themed goodies to the market
  • Sponsor needs to target some new prospects who are on the database of the team’s database but not on his own company’s database

So, we see, sharing of the marketing database of your team with your sponsor is a win-win for both of you. For sponsors, the database offers a clear view on the target niche to promote their goodies or run their offers. For the sports team, this will lead to further promotion of their club’s name and also sponsorship support.

Do you need a consent here?

Now, this is another very crucial question that you have to keep in mind when you have to share your marketing database with your sponsor. Don’t forget, the marketing database is not about your team that you own. It’s also no generic information like tips dapat jackpot 2019. But, it’s about your fans who are independent individuals and you can’t play with their data.

Well, you (read the team) won’t have to ask for consent if your sponsor needs to view the database for “customer matching” with his own database.

However, you will need consent from individuals who are on your database but not on sponsor’s one and the sponsor is planning to send marketing messages to them.