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How To Use The Best Benchtop Drill Press Safely?

No doubt drill press is a simple and straight forward machine that is used in wood or metal workshops. However, if not taken care of even the best benchtop drill press might appear to be a bit hazardous. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep a number of things in mind while working on it.

Tips for using drill press safely

It is important for a person to know the machine properly before using it, reading the given manual would be quite helpful in the process as you can learn its use along with the limitations on the manual itself. Here are some important tips that should be followed in order to use the drill press without getting hurt-

  • Wearing face shield and goggles during the use is suggested
  • Remove the key from chuck before you turn the power on
  • Don’t use any other thing in place of bits and drills that are specifically designed to be used with a drill press
  • It is advised to hold drills firmly so that it doesn’t keep falling off
  • Using a chuck or spindle that is recommended will be a safer way of carrying out the usage of a drill press safely
  • When the power is on avoid grabbing chuck for stopping the machine

Along with these tips if you have kids or pets at home, always turn the keys OFF as well as never forget to remove the toggle of a switch.

Following these tips might help you to get the best results from using best benchtop drill press and nobody will be hurt. However, if you are not aware and responsible enough then you might get hurt while using any kind of machine. Get through usage of any kind of machinery with proper precautions and safety measures.