The Best Fighting Games You Can Still Play Today

Are you tired of losing money when playing situs judi online and want to play a game that will let you enjoy playing without having to spend money? We got you covered up. In this article, we will list out the best fighting games in which you can play after a one time purchase. Without further ado, let’s start.

  1. The King of Fighters XIII

The majority of fighting video games have transitioned to 3D gameplay and have made their controls less complicated than before. However, the King Of Fighters video game line remains with their retro gameplay. That move paid off, now the series has a lot of loyal fans. A chain of super moves with numerous fighting styles, using the 3 man team composition found in a lot of fighting games today has brought us probably the most complex fighting games today. The game uses stunning 2D sprites and backdrops, which looks good today compared to early 3D models of other fighting games.

  1. Tekken 3 

This game was released way back in 1997 for the Playstation game console. Although this game is very old, it’s still a very good game. Tekken 3 ended up being the most amazing sequel of its era, adding so much to the game that the roster provided a lot more new characters compared to old characters. In addition, Namco enhanced the fight system in many important approaches, like restricting jump levels and incorporating innovative evasive moves such as sidestepping. Performing 10 hit combinations felt amazing, and perfecting one of the character’s various fighting styles needed an excellent amount of expertise and provided something that is not seen in a lot of fighting games back then. Tekken 3, in its old age, is still very much playable today.