Startup Web Development

Designing An E-Commerce Website

Designing an e-commerce website can be a tricky task, and sometimes complicated. Designing a simple website is far more simple and easy, than designing a web app type e-commerce website. There are many factors to take under considerations for example, the design, look and feel, site navigation, authentic content, ease of use, payment gateway integration, security, etc.

Let us look at few of these factors in detail.

Match the website design with products

The design of the website must match the product that the website is show casing. For example, website promoting home furniture can have a nice wooden look and feel or any brown or white or black color template and design.

Proper Product Description

Website viewers would prefer each and every product to have accurate description and original photographs, in order to trust the website as well as the product. If this is followed then most e-commerce website will be successful.

Shipping Rates

The websites must display accurate shipping rates in order to give customers the actual price estimate. The websites must avoid accentuating the shipping costs so as to attract more customers.

Design of the Shopping Cart

The shopping cart of the eCommerce Website must be designed in such a way so as t make the user feel at ease, while transforming from one page to another and during check out. The user’s cart must display him the price total dynamically as he adds or removes items from the cart. Also, extra taxes and other such information must also be displayed along side.

Checkout and Payment Options

The checkout should be easy and smooth. The user should feel at ease when considering his payment options. Be it card payment or online bank transfer or anything else.

All these factors are important to consider while designing an eCommerce website.