Helpful Guide in Choosing the best Online Games for you

With the astounding number of online games available, both free and with paid subscription, choosing the right game can become a task all in its own. First, you have to do research to find out what games are available to you. This can be done in a number of varying ways: You have the store, where you can go and browse through collection after collection of titles, knowing that most of which require a minimal monthly “contribution” to be allowed to play. Using your favorite search engine such as Google, or Yahoo, you could try typing in something like: online games, which would result in a million and a half pages of people trying to pitch their games to you and why you should play them.

The problem is, all of these gaming options would confuse you while searching. You need to dig through hundreds of options just to find the best for you. There are shooting games, logic games, MMORPG and Situs poker online Resmi among many others.

Playing games online should be fun and should not be more like conducting research that could ultimately result in you having to spend hours of downloading to just try a game out, simply to discover that you don’t really like it in the first place. How does one avoid this situation? Decide what sort of a game it is that you are seeking.

There are many different types to choose from, though the most popular types currently on the market are known as MMORPG’s. (Massive Multiplayer Online “Role Playing” Games – Or, a type of game in which you create a character and develop him or her into something more than just a character). Most are free to play, but others like World of Warcraft cost money on a continual basis in order for you to continually play them. So. Here is your first real decision that you will have to make. Do you want to play a game based around sheer popularity and television ad’s that will cost you a monthly dividend? Or, do you want to search for a game that costs absolutely nothing for you to play and also offers instant download?

Games like World of Warcraft and others like it require monthly payments to continue enjoying the product, yes, but keep in mind that in those games, everything is included. There are no extras in which you would have to purchase just to have them. Free games, although they are well, free, do offer extras that do cost real money. Sometimes these can range from items such as special weapons, armor, kits for your character to utilize, or whatever. In most cases though, keep in mind, these items aren’t necessary to play those games to the utmost capability – they are just extras that are offered to help the companies offset some of the costs of designing, developing, marketing, so on and so forth.

The next step is for you to choose the genre of style game you wish to play. While there are many out there, again, the most popular seem to be games that fall into the RPG (Role Playing Game) category. This can prove to be a very difficult task for there are many out there that claim to be RPG’s.

Companies such as Acclaim ( or Aeria ( If course there are many, many more to choose from, but those are just a couple of the largest. Both companies offer multiple games to choose from, such as 9Dragons, Bots, 2Moons, Shaiyla, and many more.

After you have chosen a game, you normally are required to register an account in order for you to be able to play it. Registering for an account is quick, easy, and most importantly, FREE! The generally only require the basic information such as your name, email address, create a password, and an ID handle (which you will use to log into the game with). Once you have completed this, it is now time for you to download the game.

Online games are best if you have a high speed internet connection such as Broadband or DSL. Dial up won’t work for most of these games are anywhere from 500 MB to over a gig in size. You would reach your next birthday before you finished downloading one of these games using dial up. Not only that, but your game play would also seriously be impaired if not on a high speed connection.

RPG games can be fun, as well as challenging (also time consuming if you find one that you really like). There are many out there, so sometimes finding one that you will like can be a bit of an ordeal. It really sucks when you go through the trouble of signing up, waiting all that time for the game to both download and install, just to find out that you don’t like it. How do we avoid this – if it’s even possible?

Read. It’s that simple. Read everything about the game that is offered on the company sites. Look at screenshots to get a feel of how game play, as well as the general feel of the game is set up. Graphics are also important and there are many games out there have have impressive visualizations, but seriously lack in content. Read, if offered through the site, any user forums and see what players are saying about the game you’re considering. Are there any movies available for you to watch? Many companies offer both screenshots and movies. Movies are a great way for you to see how the game plays and sometimes, can be the key in your decision to try the game in the first place.

What if you find a game though and decide that it’s not the one for you though? Uninstall it and try again. Many people will touch upon two or three different games before making any final decisions. Don’t get discouraged if you choose something that looks like it could be really cool, then find out that it only has good imaging, but lacks everywhere else. Keep trying and you will find something that you do like.