The Repercussions Of Cheating In Online Video Games

As well as being a form of entertainment, the vast majority of games are also a form of competition. Depending on the exact format of the game, players may be competing against other players, against the game itself, or even against themselves. And, like in any competition, players feel a desire to win. This desire to win is what causes people to cheat at games. You should visit Agen Bola Terpercaya to learn about tips and tricks that you should use to identify any hacker or cheater in online games.

Online video games are no different in this aspect from any other game. Even if outright winning the game is impossible, as it is for many massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), the desire to have success in the game, preferably greater success than other players, is still common among players. Furthermore, because the competition in online games is often composed of strangers, with no direct interaction, instances of cheating in online games are even more common than most other types of games.

Like every other game, cheating in an online comes with risks and potentially very unpleasant consequences. The most common, and one of the harshest consequences of cheating in an online game is for the offender to be banned from playing the game in the future. Not only does this immediately prevent further enjoyment from playing the game, but in the case of pay to play games, offenders will rarely be reimbursed for any prepaid play time for the game, nor will they be able to return any software for a refund.

For certain types of online games, even harsher repercussions may be enacted for cheating. Most notably, cheating in an online poker game, or a similar game that has prizes or money at stake, can result in lawsuits or criminal penalties, as well as being banned. This danger is spelled out explicitly upon signing up for any such games and the cheater, who usually has signed a contract, rarely has any recourse in such a situation.

Not all forms of cheating are so blatant as to cause a player to be banned. The publishers of online games seek to make money from the game and banned players no longer provide an income. If the cheating is minor and only provided temporary gain for the player, it is common for the offender to be temporarily suspended, rather than banned. The exact length of suspension usually depends on how much benefit was gained from cheating, how obviously the player cheated, whether the cheat used was shared among others, and whether it was obvious to the player that the action being taken was against the rules of the game.

Besides direct consequences to the player cheating, there are also often consequences for other players of the online game. Often a cheating player has found sound loophole in the programming of the game. Efforts by the programmers to correct such a loophole often require removing or downgrading associated features of the game. This can make the game less enjoyable for all players. And, if the offender that caused this change is uncovered, it is not uncommon for online communities to participate in social justice by ostracizing that player from the game.

In fact, in some online games, this kind of response is basically the only option available. For many online first person shooters, there simply is little to no oversight on the actions of players. Cheating in such a game can be incredibly successful, with minimal risk. The common response to players discovered to be cheating is that other players refuse to play with them. This can be done by forming private games, blocking the player’s IP address or console ID, or simply leaving games that the player joins. The community for many online games tends to be rather close knit and it can take years for a player to successfully regain the trust and camaraderie of other players once it is lost in this way.

Between potential criminal and civil penalties, banning, suspensions, and social justice, cheating is far from a risk free activity in online video games. Amongst over a billion players of online games, millions cheat in some way or another every year. While the vast majority cheats in such minor ways as not to seriously harm the game or other players, the greatest offenders cause serious problems. While many get away with their actions, a significant portion are caught and subsequently sanctioned.