A Review of Rango the Video Game

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The first thing that you need to know about Rango the video game (not to be confused with Rango: The World) is that although Rango is a game that is inspired by a movie, the story line is completely different. Rango the video game picks up right after Rango the movie, and while the game uses the movie as inspiration there is no need to see Rango the movie in order to appreciate the “tall tales” you’ll play through.

As a bonus, each copy of Rango the video game also comes with a redeemable code that can be used online receive a free child’s admission of up to $7.50 to see the movie.

I had a sneak peek hands on look at Rango almost a month before its official release, and was so impressed that I wrote the following quote:

“Most video games that are released side by side movies sharing the same name fail to deliver a high quality experience, and sadly disappoint. This is simply not the case with Rango the video game.” This game can be compared to situs judi bola online because it offers great graphics and quality gameplay to its players.

After finally receiving and playing through this action adventure game from start to finish was I still convinced? Yes!

One of the reasons that Rango stands out compared to other movie based video games is that Rango spent a full year in development alongside the movie itself. In addition to collaberating with the team that produced the film, Rango incorporates assets that were produced by Industrial Light and Magic of Star Wars and Pirates of the Carribean fame.

The game’s story itself was written by one of the same writers as the movie, and it is scored by music made by Han Zimmer’s team. It is these details that combine to make Rango a memorable game. The end result is that Rango looks better than every other movie based game made before it.

Rango can perform a wide variety of moves, and the game shows players how to use them without feeling as though they are in a tutorial. In addition to his popcorn gun, Rango has a standard melee attack.

Rango can also roll or double jump then slam the ground. Rango’s popcorn gun is the easiest weapon to use, however utilizing melee attacks will yield addiitonal shirrifts stars. Sherrif stars can be used to purchase upgrades of Rango’s abilities. Abilities range from acquiring additional stars from dispatching enemies to reloading your popcorn gun faster.

A great feature of Rango the video game is that after beating it your character’s ability progress advances with you to the next level of difficulty – allowing you to max out your character’s stats.

Another interesting thing about Rango the video game is that players don’t have lives. After losing all of your health, you simply start at the last check point. Even on hard, the game isn’t too challenging, however there are a plethora of check points nevertheless so that children of all ages can get by.

To say that Rango is a visually impressive game would be an understatement. Every level in Rango has a distinct theme. In “Land of the Giants” your character finds himself in the house of a UFO fanatic. You’ll have to avoid being caught in his flashlight in this wonderfully detailed level. From walls with newspaper clippings that are readable to model flying saucers, everything in the house was how one might imagine it would be.

My favorite stage was also one of the wackiest – after being sucked into an old arcade game and defeating 8-bit versions of enemies my character was flying on a gold fish chasing after another character through holes of arctic ice while at the same time trying to avoid being hit by burning televisions that were shooting down from the sky like meteors. Crazy, no?

Another thing that sets Rango apart from other games is that it isn’t a typical platformer. You’ll find yourself figuring out logic puzzles then hopping into first person view to take out a few bad guys just a minute later. From rail riding to steering a flying fish or flying a UFO, Rango’s wide variety of experiences keeps players engaged.

My only complaint with Rango is its length. Despite how entertaining Rango the video game is, it is also remarkably short. It took less than five hours to complete the game on the default setting of medium. While Rango might not provide the amount of raw time that Fable 3, Fallout: New Vegas, or Halo: Reach might, it is important to note that Rango is at heart a game made for children (unlike the previously mentioned titles).

Rango’s brevity is offset wiith plenty of collectibles and the ability to max out your character’s abilities via multiple play throughs. Rango can be compared to a roller coaster – it may be little short, but it is one hell of an exciting ride.

You can purchase Rango the video game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the Nintendo DS from