Anticipated Video Game Arrivals that Promise Early Fun

Winter may mean colder temperatures, but for console gamers things will certainly be heating up.

There are some hot sequels anticipated to deliver some great on-screen action this year. Here’s a glimpse at some of the highly anticipated titles scheduled to hit store shelves before the hats, scarves, and gloves are packed away. If you need to know more about latest games that are there or will be released shortly you can have a look at xe88, you get the best and honest reviews about games that you can rely on.

SSX heats up the slopes.

It’s been a while since snowboarding enthusiasts were treated to some SSX (Snowboard Super Cross) action. EA introduced the original SSX game in 2000 with a few more sequels to come over the years. While all of the titles weren’t received as equals in the community, similar play included both recurring and new characters, amateur and pro competition, and completing tricks and challenges across a variety of worldwide courses. The newest title, SSX, to be released in February 2012 renews the tradition with some upgraded technology. One of the game’s coolest promoted features is the use of real-world NASA topographical data. Combine this with no invisible walls will allow gamers to explore and find different routes down some of the world’s greatest slopes. Also raising the bar this time around will be real-time multi-player competition, and the challenge of survival against rock slides, avalanches, and other natural elements.

Mass Effect 3 completes the trilogy.

The critically acclaimed Mass Effect Series will continue in March, 2012 with the release of Mass Effect 3. Players return to the Mass Effect universe as Commander Shepard who is still saddled with the challenge of fighting off the Reapers invasion. The unique and really cool thing about the Mass Effect series is its vast universe, its accompanying story, and the ability for gamers to carry any experiences with them. By easily loading a save game file, players can take their previous play with them and beginning Mass Effect 3 with the story tailored by any past experiences and decisions they may have made via a variable system. Some great new in-game tweaks include focus on the combat system with emphasis on third-person shooting action, a more intelligent AI, improved character movement, and multi-player missions that influence single player campaigns. Xbox Gamers should be excited to know that Mass Effect 3 will also take advantage of Kinect technology.

BioShock takes to the air in BioShock Infinite.

Although BioShock Infinite is the third title in the BioShock series, it has no connection to its predecessors; it is neither a prequel or sequel. Instead, this game has players entering a whole new steampunk style world – a city suspended in the sky named Columbia. Originally launched in 1900 by the United States government, the city suspended by airships and balloons ultimately turns into a wandering war machine destroying things below. Playing as a first-person shooter that will support the PlayStation Move, the story unfolds as players have to infiltrate the city as Booker DeWitt, a renegade agent from the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in search of a woman held captive named Elizabeth. While the game does have a scripted storyline to follow, the design allows for a great deal of fun wandering and free gameplay. For example, the city’s rollercoaster type transportation system called the Skyline will have players wandering all over.

Players return to Sanctuary in Diablo III.

One of the most highly anticipated games of not only the year, but of all times is also on deck for arrival. Diablo III, an action packed RPG, returns players to the dark world of Sanctuary. This latest title in the Diablo franchise returns players to the series with a whole new look driven by Blizzard Entertainment’s proprietary 3D engine. New features will include non-gender specific player classes, skill modifying runes, a hardcore mode that includes specific play elements, and two distinct auction houses for characters to buy and sell items – one that uses in-game gold, and another that uses real-world money. With Diablo III also arrives BattleTag and, a universal player profile and identity system for use across all of Blizzard’s products and systems.