Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash

Since its creation, bitcoin’s ability to scale effectively has always been under question. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralized and works on blockchain technology. This is a technology that makes these bitcoin ledgers tamper-proof as the data is added to the block it can’t be edited or changed without consensus. Bitcoins are often seen as lucrative investment opportunities as well, you get tax free investment that can get you huge profits over time. With Bitcoin Era offers its software free you get automatic tools that enable you to trade in bitcoins with minimal knowledge. The only problem with bitcoins is that the transaction takes about 10 minutes to process which is going to increase with the increase in the number of bitcoin users.

In 2017, bitcoin cash was created by a group of miners and developers. Bitcoin cash has increased block size and faster verification process. It is even possible to alter transaction speed, verification speed, number of miners, and all other aspects making it prone to security threats. Bitcoin cash was initially created by the group as they were concerned about the future and scalability of bitcoin.

With its volatility and ever-changing market of bitcoin and bitcoin cash, it is really difficult to predict what the future has to offer in terms of investment, scalability, and profit in this market.  Bitcoin is going to get more secure in terms of exchange and transaction, while the issue with its speed needs to be addressed. However, bitcoin cash is still quite tricky as an investment opportunity as we might see a complete transformation in its usage.

All this is going to depend upon users’ and miner’s vison for these cryptocurrencies. We might witness a drastic change in technologies with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies making them more dominant than fiat currency.