5 Best Web Hosting For Different Types Of Websites

Whether it is a blog or website or you just want to create a little site of your own, thousands of website hosts are available. The website host you pick determines the speed, security and options available for you. A poor web host has many outages, and the poor security can mean you lose data to hackers. However, small businesses or individuals need an affordable option. These web hosts offer plenty of options, security and they keep sites running without too much downtime. But if you want a secured gaming server, Fatality Servers is for you. It offers servers with premium hosting with DDoS protection, so your game won’t be interrupted by ill-intentioned people online.

1 amp;1 Web Hosting

1 amp;1 has servers around the globe, so you can host an English website in the United States, and then you can host a website in Germany, England or Spain. 1 amp;1 offers web hosting for as cheap as $5 each month, and they have a free blogging tool. This web host is great if you do not have much experience in creating websites, but you want to have a small blog for family and friends. The free blogging tool does not offer support for advertising and monetizing the blog, so there are some disadvantages.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy became famous for its racy advertisements during football season. The web host’s commercials catapulted the company as one of the most well-known hosts. GoDaddy also offers cheap web hosting with several options for bloggers and e-commerce sites. GoDaddy also has bulk domain registration, so you can resell domain names. GoDaddy’s website control panel has several options, so you can freely control the domain and website, even if you are unfamiliar with running a website.

Yola Website Creation Tools and Web Hosting

Yola web hosting has a free website designer you can use to create a website without knowing any type of HTML or dynamic coding. Yola has a free option, so you can use the web host templates to create a free website. Of course, using a free template designer has its limitations, but this option is great for people who just want to share pictures or stories with family or friends. Yola also has paid services that give you support for any technical issues.

Discount ASP Web Hosting for .NET Websites

If you prefer using Microsoft products and .NET programming, Discount ASP offers very affordable web hosting. Discount ASP also gives returning customers a discount, so you can save almost $100 each year when you purchase web hosting. The base web hosting does not include database options, but the company offers a free .NET blog platform as well. However, you must upgrade to web hosting with database services to take advantage of the blog option. A base SQL Server account costs an extra $10 each month.

Yahoo Small Business for e-Commerce Websites

Yahoo small business web hosting is beneficial for people who want to sell items on the Internet, but they do not have the money to create a customized solution. Yahoo small business costs as much as the other web hosts, but you have e-commerce tools, shopping carts, item-pricing tools and other options for selling items. The Yahoo web hosting is beneficial for auctioning items, selling services or selling and shipping product. You can even upload thousands of items without manually entering your products and services.

These five web hosts offer the best solutions at the cheapest cost. All of them have tools to get you started, so they are great for people who don’t have any web programming skills.