4 Best Bitcoin Trading Apps For 2020

Bitcoin trading apps are fast making their way into the BTC trading space. Are you too planning to sign up with a BTC trading app to enjoy on-the-go trading? That’s great and there is a bunch of great options to choose from around. So, what are the most potential BTC trading apps for the coming year? Please read below to know more.

Binance app

One of the most reputed of all Bitcoin and crypto exchanges, Binance is a kind of household name today. And when the same exchanges come up with its own app, you can always be assured of a highly credible and successful trading. The Binance app is available for traders worldwide and its is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. The app is backed by advanced features like SAFU protection, user-friendly interface, live crypto trading and charting tool and 24/7 support in multiple languages.

Bitcoin Profit

Talk about leading apps in automatic Bitcoin trading and Bitcoin Profit secures a top berth hands down. Added to automatic trading, the app allows manual trading as well. But most importantly, this latest app assures a grand 99.4 percent accuracy rate. The application is guarded by powerful anti-virus software, assures user-friendly interface and is available for traders globally.

One of the best aspects of this trading app is that it accepts multiple fiat currencies. It makes things easier for new traders who do not have crypto funds yet for trading. The app is also known for offering great arbitrage trading opportunity and provides latest data on BTC price. also promises 24/7 support.

Highly reputed for secured and breezy trading interface, is a favorite for both beginner and seasoned traders. The app supports various forms of trading and allows stop loss limits. Other important features of the app are cold wallet storage for funds, real-time charting and multi-mode trader support.