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Simple yet Important Tips in Setting up a Home Wireless Network

Setting up a home wireless network appears to be so easy. You only need to buy a router, connect it to the gateway and finally connect your devices to it. However, if you want a better or even stellar Wi-Fi connection, you must pay attention to certain details while setting things up. Yes, NetGear C3700 and other wireless network support can help, but these notes would guide you in doing things properly.

How to Set Up a Home Wireless Network the Right Way

  1. Begin by purchasing high quality router. This also goes with upgrading your router every 5 years or so. Note that newer routers have better coverage and performance than its predecessors.
  2. Identify the ideal location for your router. If you want a stellar connection for your second floor, for example, you may experience sluggish internet on the basement. Same with placing the router on the rightmost area of your home, which would probably cause slow connection on the left most part. Place the router on a point where you need good connection more.
  3. Be sure to keep interference away from your router, or put your router away from such stuff. Interference are items which also releases signals, such as your television set and telephones.
  4. Consider using router support if you want to boost the Wi-Fi covering your home. A good example is a Wi-Fi extender, which helps you reach otherwise dead spots of your network.
  5. Lastly, remember to setup the security of your network properly. Disable the default WPS because it’s easy to infiltrate using brute force attack. Favor WPA2, and maximize the use of its passkey. It’s better to use a longer passkey and put some non-alphanumeric characters in it, such as punctuations and symbols.

Applying these tips would help you set up a stellar and secured home wireless network. After setting things up, note to take care of your router and clean it regularly to avoid damage.