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Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tasks you must consider doing today

Each year it’s the same, you close up your windows, turn up the heat, and eventually you are begging Mr. Golden Sun to brighten your days. In the house where you spend most of your time, it gets stuffy and dry. The combination of a closed in home and people coming and going over the holidays, makes it very important to rid yourself of the dust and debris winter has brought. Hence, prepare your staubsauger testsieger along with other cleaning tools, and begin tackling these tasks properly.

  1. Windows. You may seal them, tape plastic over them, or just close them up with storm windows to prevent the drafty winter wind. After months of them being closed without any type of ventilation, you will certainly notice dust and dirt gathering wherever possible. Begin with a soak if soapy, warm water in any place that the dirt will not lift easily. A handheld sponge with a rough side is great to get into the smaller spaces, as is an old or cheap toothbrush. Dawn works great for soaking and scrubbing, and there are specific soaps for woods and metals, like Murphy’s. With a spotless and dust free window sill, your home will begin to smell and feel better each time the window is opened.
  2. Floors. The floors in your home are more than likely gathering dirt from snow and muddy sidewalks. Even if you take your shoes off at the door, there is usually some little member of the family, or the family pet, that will track in a few dark spots and debris. There are several ways to clean a carpet, wet or dry, all with great results. Chem Dry is a great carpet cleaner that comes in granules and is spread across the carpet dry and rubbed in, later to be vacuumed away. There are also wet cleaners by Hoover, Rug Doctor and Bissell that do a fantastic, pro-like job without the hefty price tag.
  3. Ceilings. Believe it or not, your ceilings harbor dust, cobwebs and those intricate ceiling fans and lights that are hard to reach. By dusting regularly, especially if the home has not been well ventilated by fresh air recently, your chances of allergies, colds and asthma drastically go down. When letting in the breeze be sure to have dust free ceilings so you are not creating a cloud of allergens above your head. Swiffer makes a great duster by locking in the dust and not spreading it around. Pledge is also well known for their impressive products in fighting away dust.

Remember during spring cleaning to keep the rooms open so as to not inhale the chemicals you are using. Keep all supplies out of little hands’ reach and have fun with it! Turn on the radio, dance a little, it is spring time, the time to celebrate life and happiness!