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A Review of Rango the Video Game

(As originally published on

The first thing that you need to know about Rango the video game (not to be confused with Rango: The World) is that although Rango is a game that is inspired by a movie, the story line is completely different. Rango the video game picks up right after Rango the movie, and while the game uses the movie as inspiration there is no need to see Rango the movie in order to appreciate the “tall tales” you’ll play through.

As a bonus, each copy of Rango the video game also comes with a redeemable code that can be used online receive a free child’s admission of up to $7.50 to see the movie.

I had a sneak peek hands on look at Rango almost a month before its official release, and was so impressed that I wrote the following quote:

“Most video games that are released side by side movies sharing the same name fail to deliver a high quality experience, and sadly disappoint. This is simply not the case with Rango the video game.” This game can be compared to situs judi bola online because it offers great graphics and quality gameplay to its players.

After finally receiving and playing through this action adventure game from start to finish was I still convinced? Yes!

One of the reasons that Rango stands out compared to other movie based video games is that Rango spent a full year in development alongside the movie itself. In addition to collaberating with the team that produced the film, Rango incorporates assets that were produced by Industrial Light and Magic of Star Wars and Pirates of the Carribean fame.

The game’s story itself was written by one of the same writers as the movie, and it is scored by music made by Han Zimmer’s team. It is these details that combine to make Rango a memorable game. The end result is that Rango looks better than every other movie based game made before it.

Rango can perform a wide variety of moves, and the game shows players how to use them without feeling as though they are in a tutorial. In addition to his popcorn gun, Rango has a standard melee attack.

Rango can also roll or double jump then slam the ground. Rango’s popcorn gun is the easiest weapon to use, however utilizing melee attacks will yield addiitonal shirrifts stars. Sherrif stars can be used to purchase upgrades of Rango’s abilities. Abilities range from acquiring additional stars from dispatching enemies to reloading your popcorn gun faster.

A great feature of Rango the video game is that after beating it your character’s ability progress advances with you to the next level of difficulty – allowing you to max out your character’s stats.

Another interesting thing about Rango the video game is that players don’t have lives. After losing all of your health, you simply start at the last check point. Even on hard, the game isn’t too challenging, however there are a plethora of check points nevertheless so that children of all ages can get by.

To say that Rango is a visually impressive game would be an understatement. Every level in Rango has a distinct theme. In “Land of the Giants” your character finds himself in the house of a UFO fanatic. You’ll have to avoid being caught in his flashlight in this wonderfully detailed level. From walls with newspaper clippings that are readable to model flying saucers, everything in the house was how one might imagine it would be.

My favorite stage was also one of the wackiest – after being sucked into an old arcade game and defeating 8-bit versions of enemies my character was flying on a gold fish chasing after another character through holes of arctic ice while at the same time trying to avoid being hit by burning televisions that were shooting down from the sky like meteors. Crazy, no?

Another thing that sets Rango apart from other games is that it isn’t a typical platformer. You’ll find yourself figuring out logic puzzles then hopping into first person view to take out a few bad guys just a minute later. From rail riding to steering a flying fish or flying a UFO, Rango’s wide variety of experiences keeps players engaged.

My only complaint with Rango is its length. Despite how entertaining Rango the video game is, it is also remarkably short. It took less than five hours to complete the game on the default setting of medium. While Rango might not provide the amount of raw time that Fable 3, Fallout: New Vegas, or Halo: Reach might, it is important to note that Rango is at heart a game made for children (unlike the previously mentioned titles).

Rango’s brevity is offset wiith plenty of collectibles and the ability to max out your character’s abilities via multiple play throughs. Rango can be compared to a roller coaster – it may be little short, but it is one hell of an exciting ride.

You can purchase Rango the video game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the Nintendo DS from

Review of MMORPG Voyage Century Online

I’m an avid games fan, but I can’t afford to pay £30 – £50 a month to play the game. Fortunately many game developers have come up with a way to bring you a free gaming experience with amazing 3D graphics without having to shell out this monthly fee, it called the item mall (IM for short). And the best game I’ve come across that incorporates the free 3D gaming experience with an IM is Voyage Century Online. This is my review of the game. I will be using screen shots and videos from youtube.

When I first heard about this game I like many other people thought, where’s the catch. A game that’s completely free to play with good graphics, but I downloaded it any way, created my character and started to play. I was hooked, the graphics are amazing, the control system is second to none (in my opinion), and there is so much you can do, which I’ll give a brief description of now. If you want to share your experience about the game, or you want to discover more such games visit the link provided on Koinqq.

I’ll start by giving a brief intro to the game. After installing the game you start playing by selecting one of 4 characters.

Once you’ve don that you enter the character name of your choice, and enter the game. You enter the game on a ship that has been attacked by pirates, where you will learn the basics of the game by completing short tasks give to you by members of the crew.

Once you get to your birth place (depending on the character you chose), you have to decided what you want to do. Do you want to be a merchant? A warrior hunting pirates? A laborer (planting, mining, timbering), or a pirate plundering passing by ships. As I said there is so much you can do, these are just a few.

No matter what you chose to do one thing is sure, you’ll be traveling the world to almost any city you can think of, and each time you dock at a new city your confronted with new amazing 3D graphics. See the screen shots below, these will give you an idea of the graphics.

As well as the ability to fight players (once you and they have land battle and/or sea battle to above 32 skill), there are monsters to kill in most of the islands. The range in hardness, the farther you get away from your birth place the stronger they get, but don’t fight above your weight, you should wait until your strong enough before trying to fight them.

There are also events hosted by IGG, where you can earn rewards from silver to things to help you level your skills.

So with all these features and amazing graphics how can it be 100% Free To Play? Well it’s because of the IM. It’s a virtual store where players can (but don’t have to) buy things to use in game. You’ll see a lot of these things for sale in game, so if your not willing to spend real money on the IM you can just buy what you want from players who do/can buy from it. And that’s basically it, they make their money through this source so they don’t need to charge you to play the game.

Hopefully I’ve given a good review, it’s my first one, I’ll include screen shots so you have an idea of the graphics, also I’ll include a link to their official website as well as one to the official forum.

Best Wii Games to Play with Parents & Grandparents

There are few aspects of life where the generation gap is more noticeable than in video games. For the most part, children love video games while parents and grandparents have little to no interest. Even when more than one generation in a family enjoys video games, they rarely enjoy the same video games. A few video games cross generational lines and appeal to a wider audience. Such is the case with Domino110 which also attracts the attention of a wide audience. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, the following Wii games make for great games to play with the whole family.

Dr. Mario Online RX (Nintendo) – This WiiWare game has the convenience of being both entertaining and affordable. Standard game play is not really family friendly, but this game includes a mode called “Virus Buster”. This mode allows for cooperative play for up to 4 players. Due to simple game play and minimal competitiveness, parents and children alike should enjoy pushing and pulling pills around. The only downside is that playing with four players does incur the expense of obtaining three extra controllers.

Rock Band (MTV Games) – This is the perfect multi-generation game. A significant number of the songs licensed for this game are retro or even oldies, making the music appeal to parents and occasionally even grandparents. Between guitar, drums, and karaoke, at least one portion of the game should appeal to almost anyone with even the slightest interest in music. Best of all, there is no real winning or losing, so the game can be played continuously without lack of skill ruining the fun.

Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) – Even at 50CC difficulty, this game is probably a little too difficult for the very young or very old. But, just about all others should be able to easily enjoy this simple racing game. The driving controls are intuitive for anyone who has ever driven a car, making it easily accessible to parents. At the lowest difficulty, the race will not be frustrating, unless playing on a course like Rainbow Road. And, random items are simply fun for all players. Without the intensity and competitiveness of a game like Gran Turismo, this is simply fun to play with the whole family.

Wii Sports (Nintendo) – This game almost single handedly expanded the video game market to include casual gamers. The controls for each of the various sports are about as intuitive as can be. The game is ever so slightly competitive, but not enough to create strife. The timing of the game is very generous, so all but the youngest and oldest should be able to easily play any of the various sports. For grandparents who likely have delayed hand-eye coordination, golf and bowling are perfect games to play. Best of all, the game comes free with the Wii, so everybody owns a copy.

Playing video games as a family is a great way to bond. Parents and grandparents get to spend time with the younger generation and gain an understanding of the appeal of video games. Children get a chance to share their enjoyment in a way that the older generation can understand and get social interaction while playing video games. Most importantly, these games are all a lot of fun and that is the primary reason for playing video games in the first place.

The Repercussions Of Cheating In Online Video Games

As well as being a form of entertainment, the vast majority of games are also a form of competition. Depending on the exact format of the game, players may be competing against other players, against the game itself, or even against themselves. And, like in any competition, players feel a desire to win. This desire to win is what causes people to cheat at games. You should visit Agen Bola Terpercaya to learn about tips and tricks that you should use to identify any hacker or cheater in online games.

Online video games are no different in this aspect from any other game. Even if outright winning the game is impossible, as it is for many massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), the desire to have success in the game, preferably greater success than other players, is still common among players. Furthermore, because the competition in online games is often composed of strangers, with no direct interaction, instances of cheating in online games are even more common than most other types of games.

Like every other game, cheating in an online comes with risks and potentially very unpleasant consequences. The most common, and one of the harshest consequences of cheating in an online game is for the offender to be banned from playing the game in the future. Not only does this immediately prevent further enjoyment from playing the game, but in the case of pay to play games, offenders will rarely be reimbursed for any prepaid play time for the game, nor will they be able to return any software for a refund.

For certain types of online games, even harsher repercussions may be enacted for cheating. Most notably, cheating in an online poker game, or a similar game that has prizes or money at stake, can result in lawsuits or criminal penalties, as well as being banned. This danger is spelled out explicitly upon signing up for any such games and the cheater, who usually has signed a contract, rarely has any recourse in such a situation.

Not all forms of cheating are so blatant as to cause a player to be banned. The publishers of online games seek to make money from the game and banned players no longer provide an income. If the cheating is minor and only provided temporary gain for the player, it is common for the offender to be temporarily suspended, rather than banned. The exact length of suspension usually depends on how much benefit was gained from cheating, how obviously the player cheated, whether the cheat used was shared among others, and whether it was obvious to the player that the action being taken was against the rules of the game.

Besides direct consequences to the player cheating, there are also often consequences for other players of the online game. Often a cheating player has found sound loophole in the programming of the game. Efforts by the programmers to correct such a loophole often require removing or downgrading associated features of the game. This can make the game less enjoyable for all players. And, if the offender that caused this change is uncovered, it is not uncommon for online communities to participate in social justice by ostracizing that player from the game.

In fact, in some online games, this kind of response is basically the only option available. For many online first person shooters, there simply is little to no oversight on the actions of players. Cheating in such a game can be incredibly successful, with minimal risk. The common response to players discovered to be cheating is that other players refuse to play with them. This can be done by forming private games, blocking the player’s IP address or console ID, or simply leaving games that the player joins. The community for many online games tends to be rather close knit and it can take years for a player to successfully regain the trust and camaraderie of other players once it is lost in this way.

Between potential criminal and civil penalties, banning, suspensions, and social justice, cheating is far from a risk free activity in online video games. Amongst over a billion players of online games, millions cheat in some way or another every year. While the vast majority cheats in such minor ways as not to seriously harm the game or other players, the greatest offenders cause serious problems. While many get away with their actions, a significant portion are caught and subsequently sanctioned.

The Forgotten Mmo Experience

Many of you have no idea what MMO’s exactly are. Many of you play MMO’s on a regular basis and have level 80 characters on World of Warcraft or level 75’s on Final Fantasy XI. But this article isn’t mean to discuss the best gear and the best classes, rather, talk about how the power-thirst inadvertently ruins the entire experience for everyone. I personally have played Final Fantasy XI, Aion, and World of Warcraft. However, most of my time was spent on Final Fantasy XI, so many details will be focused on such, though the principle applies across all games.

I started out my journey creating my tall, silver-haired, warrior Elvaan – resident of the nation of San d’Oria. What ensued for the next couple of days absolutely blew my mind. I spent hours just exploring the imperial capital, discovering the countless buildings, street vendors, auction and mog houses, as well as the numerous people filling the bustling streets. I found myself running in circles in what seemed to be a massive city, making several stops by the airship dock, scanning the beautiful waterscape. I saw blacksmiths and woodworkers hard at work, people chatting and running by – a city truly alive in a virtual world.

After spending much time absorbing my new home, I accidentally found myself wandering outside into is known as Ronfaure, the surrounding forested area. The sounds and sights of moving water and various creature inhabitants brought the area to life. I died several times exploring the new area, but I didn’t care. I was an adventurer, and exploring sometimes involved danger. Needless to say to anyone who’s played FFXI before, I eventually moved further out toward the LaTheine Plateau, and eventually the Valkurm Dunes, a journey that at that time took days to accomplish. But the feeling of finally reaching that port at Selbina was so worthwhile – to view that crystalline water, and admire a small, yet moving port town. Over the time of playing this game, I eventually compared this game with dominoqq online. Even tho it doesn’t have the same gameplay, the common thing about them is that they are both very addicting to play.

That passion we feel is what intrigues us about MMO’s. It is not just a video game. MMO’s bring you into another world that is your own. It allows you to journey across the world to another nations, meet new people and make new friends, discovery the rich history behind the geographic regions, as well as of the world in general. You become passionate about this world you live in, until you find yourself just as patriotic toward your virtual nation as you may or may not be in real life. As you grow stronger, the journey keeps going. You uncover more history, sometimes dark and dangerous.

You see what beauty the environment has to offer (Bibiki Bay anyone?) And you do it all with your companions you encounter and befriend along the way. The game really captures what characters experience in a single-player game – that story of total strangers being faced with a similar crisis, and bonding because of it. Not only can you not succeed in these games without befriending anyone, you are missing out on the whole experience. However, once you are as strong as you can be and no longer have anything to fear, what else is there? When you’ve traversed the entire world, what else is there to explore?

Needless to say, when I reached my peak level the game took a very different course. People and places were no longer as I remembered them. What was important to people was how you could help them, what your job strengths were or what equipment you had. If you didn’t meet their needs, you were left behind. Towns no longer seemed alive, but just filled with empty bodies. Just constant shouts of how can you help me, I need this, or just flat out ignorance and harassment toward one another. What was once a beautiful world that I inhabited had now become a cruel, dark place I no longer wished to be a part of.

The fact is, in MMO’s we all experience the same things and go through similar events. However, along with that comes a huge competition of who can be the best, and who can be the strongest. Acting in such a manner, causes us to forget about what made us love this game in the first place. We didn’t start the game saying, I’m gonna be a level 75 Samurai and get all the epic armor from end game bosses. Hell, we didn’t even know what an advanced job was. If you need a further idea of what I’m getting at, YouTube search a video entitled ‘A Little FFXI Story’ (All credit to the author). To some of us, no matter how strong we get, the companionship is the experience is what makes the game worthwhile, not tedious, scheduled endgame runs; not competition for the best gear and being insulted for lack of such; if such things happen along your journey, then let it be so. But experience the world for what it is – see it as that new world you once saw it as, and let go of the power thirst; the need to manipulate it as the game that it is. Remember that passion, so that we may all experience these wonderful new beginnings for a long time to come.

Why You Must Subscribers For Your Youtube Channel?

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world. It is also one of the most used search engines on the Internet. Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily, and millions of people watch videos on it regularly. YouTube can easily be accessed by anyone who has an Internet connection, and he can access it on a mobile phone, computer or any other device with an internet connection. Subscribers are an essential part of YouTube as people who have chosen it as their career; subscribers are of great importance to them. If you are confused about why you should buy youtube subscribers?, then there are some reasons that will force you to buy subscribers and grow your account.

How is it beneficial to buy YouTube subscribers?

Attracts people

Nowadays, people follow the crowd and prefer to move in a direction where there are more people. Buying YouTube subscribers allows you to have good subscribers base, and it attracts other real subscribers too. Whenever a person sees a YouTube channel, the first thing he sees is the subscribers on the channel. The quality and content of the channel are judged based on the number of subscribers. So, it is necessary to have a regular subscriber base in the initial stage, and you can achieve it by buying YouTube subscribers.

Increases the confidence

A low number of subscribers lowers the confidence of every YouTube even though he produces premium quality content. You can regain your confidence by buying subscribers for your YouTube channel as it makes your channel look good and make you confident about your content and push you to create even better content. Having a fan base keeps you motivated and helps you to grow as a content creator.

To put in a nutshell, it is highly beneficial to buy YouTube subscribers as it makes you confident and gives your channel a much needed initial boost.

Travel: Review Of The Top Handbags For Travel

The top handbags for travel provide the perfect organization for the traveler while providing the necessary security to avoid theft. Having the necessary organized compartments provides the ease and comfort of traveling and knowing where everything is. Being able to put one’s hands on his or her passport, tickets, boarding passes, credit cards and other important documents can sometimes provide frustration when traveling. Traveling with the top handbags for travel however, provide an additional bit of security by not having to dig through a bag which sometimes increases the chances of losing important documents. You can check out for latest travel bag reviews. You can read about latest travel bags and their pro and cons. You can even order replicas from there that are really affordable and are of best quality.

One of the top handbags for travel is the PacsafeSlingSafe 200 11″ Shoulder Bag. Advertised as the ultimate snatch proof, tamper proof and slash proof handbag from the “Never-Worry Collection,” the PacsafeSlingSafe is one of the top handbags for travel providing the right amount of organization and security for the world traveler. This is the perfect bag for travel as it is created with antitheft deterrents such as; tamper proof zipper clip, indestructible cabled straps, snatch proof shoulder strap, and slash proof sides and bottom.

In addition to these key features this unique and attractive handbag from the collection of the top handbags for travel is lightweight, water repellent and durable. Available in taupe, sage, charcoal or black and measuring approximately 11 ¾” x 11 ½” x 1″, and rated as one of the top handbags for travel, the retail price for the PacsafeSlingSafe Shoulder Bag is $54.95 (

Another of the top choices from the collection of the top handbags for travel is the Hands-Off Handbag. This unique handbag for travel is available in either leather or microfiber and is designed for security and safety. Available in either large or small the Hands-Off Handbag is worn diagonally across the body and lies flat.

The strap is adjustable, and there is a main outside compartment for things to be easily accessed without opening the bag. Definitely one of the top handbags for travel and available in a variety of colors, the Hands-Off Handbags is also padded and designed for balance and comfort. Prices for this unique handbag for travel range from $49.99 up to $99.00 depending on size and fabric (

For the individual looking to carry a minimum size bag, one of the top choices from the collection of the top handbags for travel is the PacsafeSlingSafe 50 Mini Shoulder Bag. This is another of the snatch proof, tamper proof and slash proof bags designed for world travelers or novice travels that provides the security needed when out of the country. The cable-reinforced tote is perfect for storing all of the necessary documents, credit cards and cash when touring. Available in a variety of colors the PacsafeSlingSafe 50 Mini Shoulder Bag is one of the top choices from among the top handbags for travel at a retail price of $29.99 (

The above mentioned top handbags for travel are just a few among many from several retailers. For more information on the specific top handbags for travel reviewed, visit the official web sites for the retailers mentioned.

Rice’s Top 10 Original Nintendo Games

I was born in the 70’s, so I have fond memories of the Nintendo Entertainment System. From having to blow in the cartridge to get it to work, stacking cartridges inside the system and writing down codes because there was no save feature.

This is a list of my top 10 NES games of all time. These are the games that helped shape my childhood, allowed me to proudly wear my gamer tshirts and transformed me into the gamer that I am today.

  • R.C. Pro-AM

R.C. Pro-Am was a quirky remote controlled car racing game. You could customize your car with better tires, a better motor and higher acceleration. The tracks varied and the A.I. grew tougher as you progressed through the tracks. You could collect weapons and blast your opponents off the track. This game was truly ahead of its time.

Memorable Moment: Shooting a missile at an opponent just before he passes the finish line, and you win the race.

  • River City Ransom

This game took Double Dragon and added an RPG element to it by giving you the ability to use coins to learn new moves. The story really isn’t anything memorable, but who cares, I just wanted to beat some random kids’ heads in and learn some new fighting moves.

Memorable Moment: Learning Stone Hands and running through punching the heck out of guys.

  • Contra

Every gamer around the age of 30 knows what this is: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, SELECT, START. That’s the code for 30 lives and without that you will not make it very far in this game. Contra is known for its difficulty, it’s also known for its fun co-op play and creative – interactive side scrolling levels. Basically you run and gun your way through levels, collecting new weapons and avoiding bullets. This game paved the way for difficulty in games.

Memorable moment: Getting the spread gun and blasting through a level with it.

  • Ninja Gaiden

This game is another known for its difficulty. This game introduced the badass ninja Ryu. You slash and chuck ninja stars at enemies as you battle your way through various side scrolling stages. At the end of each stage is a boss that you must figure out how to defeat. After playing Ninja Gaiden I always felt like scaling walls and jumping out chucking ninja stars at someone.

Memorable Moment: Jumping from wall to wall and the way Ryu ran gripping his sword while in its case.

  • Mike Tyson’s Punchout

This boxing game has character. As a matter of fact, the characters are what make this game so memorable. All your opponents have different personalities and tendencies you have to learn in order to counter them and knock them out. This game is about learning patterns and reflexes, I am yet to beat Mike Tyson. I think I will give this game another go in the next week!

Memorable Moment: Finally getting to Mike Tyson and being amazed at how much he actually looks like Mike Tyson.

  • Metroid

This game was huge!!! Metroid was one of the first games to give the player the feeling of freedom in that he can take what path he wants through the game. You control Samus, a bounty hunter, and you make your way through a spacey world. Finding weapons and power moves open new areas of the world to explore.

Memorable Moment: Finding out Samus is a female.

  • Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros.

This cartridge came with the system, and the duo of Duck Hunt and Mario Bros was enough to keep any kid busy for months. Mario Bros was packed with secret warp zones, tricks to gain extra men and hidden coin rooms. Duck Hunt featured the laser gun. The player either shot flying ducks or clay pots out of the sky. And if you did bad, rest assure your own hunting dog will laugh at you.

Memorable Moment: Learning how to “rock the turtle” on Mario Bros in order to gain extra men galore.

  • Final Fantasy

For older RPGers this is the game that started it all. When I got into this game I had no idea what an RPG was. We called games like these “fantasy games”. This game set the pace for future RPGs with its brilliant music, engaging story and customizable battle system. If you are a RPG lover this game is a must play.

Memorable Moment: Transforming to the “Light Warriors” and your kiddy sprites changing into more intimidating sprites.

  • Super Mario Bros 3

In my opinion, this game is the king of all sidescrollers. The environments were gorgeous and exciting to play. The world was huge and it gave you an option at how you wanted to approach defeating the game. Also, many power ups were available, the frog suit and the raccoon suit were amongst those. Tons of secret spots and warp zones lay hidden in the world which keeps the player coming back for more side scrolling action.

Memorable Moment: Getting the raccoon suit for the first time, and flying across a stage.

  • Zelda

The Gold Cartridge! This game has it all, great story, great music and addictive gameplay. Everyone knows the Zelda tunes, to this day if your humming a tune it’s guaranteed you will get others to join in on the tune. The puzzles were challenging yet not frustrating. Every magical weapon played a part in you defeating or opening the next dungeon. The characters are everlasting, from Zelda, to Link to Gannon. These characters are still spoken amongst the youth of today. This game is a classic amongst classics and tops off my list of top NES games of all times.

Memorable Moment: Opening the case to unveil the golden cartridge.

Fun And Free Online Games For The Hardworking Individual

A lot has changed since the days of Solitaire and Minesweeper, yet many people still only play those slow, boring games. There is a whole world of free online games out on the Internet! One of the most popular sources of free online games, is has over 50 free online games that you can play straight from your browser without any downloads. Now you have at your fingertips a variety of puzzle games, action games, word games, board games, trivia games, and even newer versions of old favorites like Solitaire! On situs judi onlin bri 24jam you get a wide variety of card games. You can enjoy these games online as you play them with you friends. You can even earn some money of these games if you are a really good player.

Maybe you’re not in the mood for an action game, but you want something that makes you think while you play. The free online games you would be interested in are clue games, puzzle games, word games and trivia games. The most popular clue games are Inspector Parker and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Both of these games involve a board that features several characters and several weapons. You will be given a series of clues to help you figure out where the weapons and characters belong on the board.

Once you have figured that out, the game will show you which character has used which weapon to commit an act. These online games start out pretty easy but get harder as you move along the game. They will definitely keep you on your toes. Puzzle games like Zuma or Bejeweled are another type of game that requires a bit of strategy when you play. Puzzle games usually involved the player making choices about where to move an object or where to place an object in order to complete a puzzle and move on to the next level. It can take a few seconds or a few minutes, much like clue games. If clue and puzzle games are too involved, try a word or trivia game.

One of the most popular word games is also available as an online game…Scrabble. However, MSN has put a spin on this popular word game by making it more than just a board and tile game. In one version, you get a single rack and have to make as many words as possible from that rack. In another version, all of the scrabble letters appear jumbled on your screen and you have to connect them to make words and bring new tiles down. Like word games, MSN’s online trivia games are another way to exercise your brain power.

MSN has a variety of trivia games that is constantly changing to different topics. In the month of November, they have Harvest trivia that asks you questions about the season as well as a very fun One Hit Wonder trivia that tests your musical prowess. For those fans of Jeopardy, take heart because MSN has a free online Jeopardy game in a multiple choice answer format where you’ll never get the same category twice. There is even “Double Jeopardy” and a final round where you can risk all of your money to win the big prize!

When you’re not at work or school and you have more time to play online games, MSN has a large selection of action games to keep you entertained. You can play a popular Baking action game like Diner Dash or Cake Mania. In these games, you play a character that has to save their restaurant by serving their customers and keeping them happy. You can upgrade your store, upgrade your characters and buy new appliances on your quest to make your store the best place to go. If baking doesn’t suit you, you could play Granny in Paradise, an action game where you play Granny and you must rescue kittens from increasingly difficult levels.

With over 50 free online games, I can’t list them all. The best way to find out what you might like is to go to yourself and click on the games area. Each of the games will be listed, and if you select one, it will show you screen shots and directions so that you know how to play the game. With everything from Bejeweled to Cake Mania to even Jeopardy and Shape Solitaire, is the free online gaming website for you.

Increase Ecommerce Sales Through Instagram Marketing

With online shopping now becoming a common means for individual to buy items, many businesses have started opening up stores and shops with only the internet as their platform. Ecommerce have slowly become popular among the retail business as the demand for online stores start to grow. Besides not having to worry about looking a physical store to display items, ecommerce business also takes advantage of the marketing potential the internet provides.

Most, if not all, ecommerce business relies on digital marketing to promote their business and brands. They promote ads in various websites, but mostly focus on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Instagram alone has about 500 million active users on a daily basis, provide a huge market potential for ecommerce businesses.

These are some of the ecommerce businesses utilize Instagram to boost their sales:

Capitalize on influencers

Influencers is the term used for Instagram profiles with thousands, even millions, of followers. Most of the time these influencers are popular celebrities, musicians such as Momentology, and models known across the globe. There are also non-celebrity influencers that have a huge following, which can greatly influence their followers on what to buy or what to support. Ecommerce businesses partner up with influencers to increase visibility and reach of their products and brand which eventually translates to increased sales growth.

Make us of Instagram Stories and Instagram TV

Instagram is most popularly known as a photo sharing social media app. And while posting creative and eye-catching photos in your business profile can be effective in promoting brand recognition, the chances that individuals will scroll through your content is also really high. Making use of Instagram’s Stories feature, where you can upload a short clip and even host a live video through Instagram TV, you can ensure prolonged exposure of your brand to potential customers.